Winter Wilson

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“Winter Wilson’s superbly crafted musicianship and heartfelt songs and performance are the bedrock on which this country’s folk circuit rests and both it and the world would be a poorer place without them.” – Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK

Since the release of Winter Wilson’s first album ‘By the Skin of our Teeth’ in 1996, Lincolnshire-based musicians Dave Wilson and Kip Winter have been entertaining audiences across the UK and beyond with fine original songs, stunning harmonies & off-the-wall humour.  Now recognised as one of the best songwriters on the English acoustic scene, Dave has a knack of expressing the personal story behind big themes, and of making us question what we have taken for granted.  Described by John Tams as “a magnificent songwriter”, his songs have now been covered by other artists including Vin Garbutt & Anthony John Clark.  Kip’s voice is one of the best in the business, coupling power and emotion.  She’s sung everything from jazz to opera, but is at her best when singing folk and blues.  Put these two together and you’re guaranteed great performances, deep emotion and much laughter.  Winter Wilson now have five albums of finely crafted original songs to their credit:  ‘By the Skin of our Teeth’ (1996), ‘Matter of Time’ (2001),’I Hear Voices Sing’ (2004,) ‘These are the Things’ (2007), ‘Milestones’ (2010), Cutting Free (2014) and the latest critically acclaimed “Ashes and Dust” . They played here in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016  and they are welcome back again in 2017.

Southwell Festival