Provisional timetable for our workshop tents here:


Friday Steeples 10.00-10-50 Sunjay intro to the blues
18.30-22.15 Ellie Ford, Mongoose, Aaron Catlow & Kit Hawes, Ranagri
Saturday Steeples 10.10-11.00 Dallahan gypsy fiddle workshop
11.30-12.20 Vikki Clayton – singing for the terrified workshop!
13.00-15.00 Spoken word showcase
15.10-16.00 Improvers session
16.20-18.20 Acoustica Eclectica with Nicola Beazley, Ellie Ford, Jeff Warner
The Studio 10.00-10.50 Dallahan Irish banjo workshop
16.30-17.20 Greg Russell guitar workshop
18.20-19.10 Songwriters forum with guest Luke Jackson
Sunday Steeples 10.00-10.50 The Outside Track flute & whistle workshop
11.00-11.50 The Outside Track fiddle workshop
12.00-12.50 The Fitzgeralds step dancing workshop
13.00-15.00 Acoustica Eclectica with Benjamin Pike, Josh Okeefe, The Rye Sisters
15.10-16.20 Improvers session
16.30-18.30 Acoustica Eclectica with Leva & Calcagno, Luke Jackson, Don Mescall
The Studio 10.10-11.00 The Outside Track accordian workshop
11.10-12.20 Songriters Forum with Don Mescall
16.00-16.50 James keelaghan songwriting workshop

For details of our popular ‘tunes workshops’ click here.

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