The East Pointers

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Two of the organisers of the Gate to Southwell Festival saw the East Pointers on a 2015 trip to Canada’s Prince Edward Island (PEI) and we really wanted to book them for the festival last year. They were unavailable so we did the next best thing and grabbed the only spare date they had on a visit to the UK in early 2016, and now we have them back in 2017. If you were lucky enough to see them in 2016, then you won’t want to miss them this time around.

The trio of multi-instrumentalists have a talent and penchant for traditional Celtic tunes of decades past which greatly belies their respective ages. Formed in 2014, each member– banjoist/vocalist/step-dancer Koady Chaisson, fiddle player/vocalist Tim Chaisson, and guitarist/vocalist Jake Charron – is an accomplished musician in his own right, and their union produces a blend of Celtic tunes, songs and step-dances moulded into something uniquely Canadian. Cousins Tim and Koady Chaisson are members of PEI’s reigning musical dynasty with a heritage stretching back seven generations. Though all three also sing, Tim takes the lead with a voice which has drawn favourable comparison to Seth Lakeman and Blair Dunlop

‘Furiously energetic yet organic, celebratory yet cool, this [their debut album] is an impressive calling card for a band who are soon likely to be making waves around the world.’ ~ Songlines

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