Seas of Mirth

We like to support bands from the region, and so it’s about time Seas of Mirth came to Southwell.

They are a sizeable crew who pull together a host of influences from gypsy, folk, punk, prog and beyond, with a huge amount of musical talent and a humour to keep it all together.  They have released a couple of albums, the latest of which “Hark, The Headland Approacheth” from 2016 has been very favourably received.  The band tell you to “expect plenty of nautical stupidity and theatrics at this high-energy live show!”. Founding member and guitarist/vocalist Cannonball Paul describes the show as “like The Flaming Lips, but with less budget”

Seas of Mirth have played Glastonbury Festival, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Fair, the main stage at Beat Herder Festival, Bearded Theory, Alchemy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and many more, so we can’t wait to see them on Sunday at GTSF.

“Utterly bizarre… thoroughly entertaining” – The Monograph

“Not your typical sea-shanty inspired band. Their combination of gypsy and punk laced folk will go down a storm at any festival” – Folk Radio UK

Gate to Southwell Festival