Robert Nottingham

Robert Nottingham, 24, is an Alternative-Folk singer, songwriter and guitarist – originally from Manchester, he is now based in London.

An imaginative and innovative writer and performer, Nottingham has developed a unique style and sound that incorporates influence from several artists and genres.

He released his second EP – An Unwanted Man – independently in early 2017, and will continue to perform across the country to further spread his music.

He is also the proud inventor (unverified!) of a foot percussion instrument/set-up called The Nottingham Jangler.

This is derived from the commonly used folk/blues Suitcase Drum instrument/set-up, and involves using one’s acoustic guitar case as a base drum – enabled by a kick drum pedal. A tambourine can also be used to provide a more treble-slanted dimension to the instrument (see picture).

When used in performance, this instrument gives extra drive and percussive depth to Nottingham’s songs.

Southwell Festival