Artist Running Order

When do artists play?

Here is a provision timetable for the first four stages:

Click here for the dancing programme in Hoofers

Click here for what’s on in the session tents: Steeples and The Studio

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Thursday Big Top 20.00-23.15 Cloudstreet, The Changing Room, Blazin’ Fiddles
Frontier Stage 21.00-24.15 The Rubber Wellies, Ranagri, Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra
Barleycorn Stage 18.30-24.00 Strawberry Jammers, Omnivibes, Winter Wilson, Theo Mignon, The Rubber Wellies
Friday Big Top 19.30-23.30 Keith Donnelly, Jack Harris, Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin, Kate Rusby
Robin Hood Energy Stage 14.15-17.00 Wookalily, Winter Wilson, Cloudstreet
19.30-22.15 Kadia, Ranagri, Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley
Frontier Stage 14.00-17.15 Edd Donovan, Gnoss, Maniere des Bohemiens
22.15-24.30 Dana Immanuel & the Stolen Band, Sheelanagig
Barleycorn Stage 17.15-24.15 Open mic, Leen Valley Band, Maniere des Bohemiens, Wayward Jane, BeauBowBelles, Kadia
Saturday Big Top 12.00-15.00 Les Barker, Winter Wilson, Daphne’s Flight
17.00-19.00 Summer of Love @ 50
20.30-23.45 BOC, Chris Smither, Jon Boden
Robin Hood Energy Stage 12.00-16.45 Tom Kitchen & Jon Loomes, Jim Moray, Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin, Chris Smither, Gnoss
17.30-22.30 She Shanties, Jack Harris, Tannara, Reg Meuros, Idiot & Friend
Frontier Stage 12.00-17.00 Megan Henwood, Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage, Wookalily, BeauBowBelles
19.30-24.30 Grace Petrie, Attila the Stockbroker, Ooks of Hazzard, The Vagaband
Barleycorn Stage 12.30-17.30 Open mic
18.00-24.30 Robert Nottingham, Dana Immanuel & the Stolen Band, Edd Donovan, Wookalily, Grace Petrie, James Edwyn & the Borrowed Band
Sunday Big Top 12.15-16.00 Tannara, Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage, Jim Moray, East Pointers
19.00-22.30 Megan Henwood, Megson, Le Vent du Nord
Robin Hood Energy Stage 12.00-17.15 Tina Taylor, Ofelia, The Vagaband, BeauBowBelles, Ooks of Hazzard
19.00-23.15 Paul Carbuncle, Jess Morgan, Alden, Patterson & Dashwood, Open Mic Winners, The East Pointers
Frontier Stage 12.15-15.15 Wayward Jane, Jess Morgan, The Life & Times of the Brothers Hogg
15.30-17.30 Poetry Slam, including Jason Maverick
17.45-24.00 Wholesome Fish, James Edwyn & the Borrowed Band, BOC
Barleycorn Stage 12.00-15.00 Open mic
19.00-24.15 Katy Spencer, Ofelia, Gnoss, The Rubber Wellies, Wholesome Fish


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