Morrissey & Marshall

Six years ago, Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall arrived in London from Dublin with two acoustic guitars and a headful of shared dreams. They set about hauling themselves up the hard way from the rough and tumble of street corner busking and open-mic nights to playing at some of the biggest and best venues and recording studios in the city. It all kicked off with the release of their second album, We Rise, followed up with an acoustic album of the same songs.

They play in their own “folk’n’roll” style with sublimely harmonising vocals and a distinct 60s feel to many of their numbers.

The will be playing as a harmony duo over the weekend.

“People are drawn to their song-writing, the clever melodies and in particular the sound of their voices singing in unison – simply beautiful.” – Louder Than War

“It almost seems impossible that two voices can compliment one another in such a relaxed and seemingly accidental way, quite frankly, they’re built on sounding perfect.” – It Sounded Sweet

“Morrissey and Marshall are fantastically engaging and have a remarkably large sound for only two people” – Supajam


Southwell Festival