Josh Okeefe

“Sometimes, when you least expect it, the music gods throw you a gem. An undiscovered, uncut diamond – sparkling with such unadulterated potential and promise that it stops you in your tracks.” – No Depression

This is authentic, raw, roots song-writing, delivered by the voice of a world-weary, American old-timer. Okeefe’s voice hits you with the force of a hurricane: a rare, powerful, gravelly sound, the likes of which is usually crafted from many decades of nicotine, alcohol and hard living in the deep south. But Okeefe is somewhat of a contradiction being from Derby and in his mid 20s – though he’s now living in Nashville honing his craft as a songwriter, and with a new recording contract.

You will be forgiven for recalling Dylan when you hear him, especially when the harmonica comes out, but actually, on many songs there is the atmosphere of Woody Guthrie, or even Johnny Cash, or any number of “Woodies children”.

“He seems to turn a lightbulb on in your head, makes you ask yourself questions and seems to say what is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Is he the next commentator for this generation? Only time will tell.”  – Huffington Post





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