Groanbox (Sunday, Monday)

Groanbox: a roots band steeped in the traditions of American music.

Groanbox, the North American trio of Paul Clifford, Cory Seznec, and Michael Ward-Bergeman, are a musical hybrid of ideas and ideals. At first glance a roots band steeped in the traditions of American music, they play with all the guts of rock and roll and all the soul of the wandering troubadour. But somewhere along the way, that troubadour turned off the road and, setting sail from the melting pot of New Orleans, began a journey that would take their sound to new, unchartered territories with influences from around the world.

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2016 Line up

Show of Hands
Eddi Reader
Hayseed Dixie
False Lights
Jackie Oates Trio
The Henry Girls
Mick Ryan & Paul Downes
Pete Morton
Keith Donnelly
And many more still to be announced!

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