Decorate your Gate for the Gate!

It’s that time of year again!  With only a few weeks before the festival it’s time to decorate your gates, with a chance to win tickets, and brighten up the town at the same time – so get creative and  decorate your gate, fence, arch or doorway.

So many people, both visitors and residents alike commented on how lovely the town looked last year, and it certainly added to the festive air. The high standard made the judges’ job very difficult and it certainly gave rein to the great pool of artistic and fun-loving talent our Southwellians possess.

Important Dates

Register to be judged – by Wed 23rd May

Decorate you gate – by Fri 25 May

Take part in Judging – bank holiday weekend 26/27/28 May

Join in the Judging Trail

Judging will again be over the Bank Holiday weekend of the 26th – Mon 28th May and this year it will be a “Trail,” where you’re invited to join in the fun and pick up a scoring sheet and route map from any of the businesses with a ‘Rate the Gates’ poster in the window, then deposit the finished sheets in the Tourist Information letterbox on Church Street.

The businesses with forms are:

Final Whistle

Hearty Goodfellow

Tally Home

Chocolate Shop


A Fly Went By

The winning trophy and prizes will kindly be handed out by Kirkland & Lane of Southwell.

Date for entries

All entries need to be in by 5.00pm Wednesday 23rd May  – fill in the form below to enter!

Decorate Your Gate - Entry Form
Gate to Southwell Festival