BOC wowed Southwell in 2015 when they stormed the Big Top on Saturday afternoon, in their first performance outside Spain. We flew them over exclusively for the festival, and since then we get asked all the time “when are they coming back?”. They are back in 2017  – spread the word!!

After many years of travelling around the world and learning from many different cultures, Joan Frontera Luna, BOC’s founder, was overflowing with traditional music and rhythms which needed an outlet. After sharing his vision, he managed to gather a number of like-minded people who thought they were best suited to turn the vision into reality. And so began BOC.

BOC was born in mid-2009 with an eclectic idea to mix up the folk sounds and traditional instruments of Mallorca with the wider influences of hardcore, new age, metal, ska, as well as traditional music from around the world. The group has continually evolved and experimented, to become the true force they are today.

BOC are:

Joan Frontera: Piano, flabiol, tamborino, acordió (composicions).
Biel Frontera: Guitarró, flabiol, tamborino, flautes, clarinet.
Pere Frontera: Xeremies, flauta travessera.
Lluís Vivern: Guitarra acústica, banjo.
Tomeu Marroig: Guitarra elèctrica i llaüt.
Rafel Barceló: Baix. Xisco Amengual: Violí.
Lluís Oreja: Bateria, percussió.

Here is a quick view of their encore last time around.



BOC from Mallorca

Southwell Festival
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