The BeauBowBelles

The BeauBowBelles are a four-piece multi-instrumental band. Their self penned songs cite musical influences that span gypsy and western folk, country, blues and classical. The close-part harmonies, driving rhythms and soulful melodies combined with skillfully arranged songs, provide a common thread and a unique sound. They were really well received here in 2014, and their live shows have been described as spell-binding and virtuosic, and their songs as full of wit, charm and class. We welcome them back for our 10th anniverary in 2016.

A four-piece, multi-instrumental, nostalgia-bedecked harmony-machine….
fiendishly catchy examples of the finest songwriting you will ever hear.

– The Phono Vault

The BeauBowBelles combine their incredible singing talents making for a charismatic live performance.”
– KCRW Blog

2018 Line up

The line-up so far:

The Young'uns
Blue Rose Code
The Fitzgeralds
The Destroyers
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar
Vikki Clayton

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