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Jun 14, 2017   //   by Michael Stevenson   //   News  //  No Comments

We are deeply grateful to each and every person who made the Gate to Southwell Festival such a success this year.
We appreciate all the time, skills and support that have been so generously given.

So, in no particular order, a huge resounding thank you to;

All the volunteers, for being so friendly, giving your time, and keeping everything running so smoothly. Special thanks to all the team leaders for the extra responsibility they take, and to those whose volunteering work runs throughout the year.

All the artists, for those of you who travelled a long way, and those nearby, for all your unique contributions to the ‘mix’ that Southwell is known for, and for putting heart and soul into your performances.

To all the traders, for bring your wares, and such positivity and variety to the festival, we all really enjoyed looking around your stalls. Thank you.

To the first aiders, who kept us all feeling safe and cared for, and kept on smiling throughout.

To Robin Hood Energy and our other sponsors, we really wouldn’t manage without you! Thank you for your support, often ongoing through many years.

To Southwell Lions, for showing us the way with such cheerfulness!

To the decorators, who made the site so welcoming and even more beautiful this year, and to everyone who decorated their gate.

To all the poets, who performed boldly, and were such fun to have around.

To the open mic entries, for your talented contributions and for being such good sports.

For the contractors, whose skill and expertise is so valuable, during the festival, and those working during set up and take down, the invisible teams.

To the dancers, who keep us firmly rooted in our strong traditions, for bringing good cheer, and for the joy you shared in the town centre performances.

Thank you all!!

We really look forward to seeing you all next year, for Gate to Southwell Festival 2018!

Kind regards
Mike Kirrage for the Board and Committee of GTSF

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